Skibo Technologies


Managed Services

For over a decade Skibo Technologies have provided high quality IT Managed Services to a wide and diverse client base. The experience and knowledge that we have acquired can be invaluable in addressing the challenges facing many organisations seeking to manage and scale their Information Technology infrastructure.

Our exceptional technical expertise across the entire IT infrastructure spectrum provides clients with an outsourced service which significantly reduces IT spend, makes it more predictable and frees up client management resources to concentrate on running the core business.

Account management is an integral part of Skibo Managed Services which guarantees that the technical aspect of an organisations’ IT infrastructure is being achieved while ensuring that access to capabilities and experience are always available to contribute to wider, strategic business objectives.

As has been successfully demonstrated to our clients, Skibo Technologies deliver a complete IT infrastructure department solution at a significantly reduced cost versus an outdated in-house solution.


Project Management

Skibo fully understands the importance of IT infrastructure being critical to the operational success of any business and the need to ensure that solutions are always available to meet the demands of the business.

Skibo further recognises that initiating significant change to any aspect of an organisations IT infrastructure to continually meet such demands requires professional project management to ensure that the main interdependent constraints of cost, time and scope are achieved.

All IT infrastructure projects undertaken by Skibo adhere to recognised methodologies and principles and are delivered by industry experienced Prince2 and PMP certified project managers supported by qualified and skilled technical resources.

Projects are fixed price with Skibo having responsibility for ensuring that scope, requirements and deliverables are accurately defined, documented, communicated and agreed with the customer with regular progress reporting against the project plan thereby ensuring that the deliverables of the project fully meet with the aims, objectives and strategies of the company.



Skibo understands the difficulties in ensuring that your business has the correct IT personnel and skills. Specific projects require niche skills that may not be permanently available in your steady-state organisation.

Specific peaks in operational activity and major projects all put a heavy demand on your people. There is often conflicting pressures to manage costs and minimise staff headcount that makes it difficult to deal with these situations. Skibo provides a complementary resourcing service that allows you to augment your team with our experienced personnel when you need it and for as long as you need.

Skibo staff will work as an integral part of your operational or project team. This can be used to provide specialist skills into your organisation or simply provide a flexible way of dealing with peaks in activity.



Skibo know that successful businesses see IT as a strategic benefit, allowing you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and be more efficient.

Our strategic consultants work with you to ensure that IT is not simply a cost, but actively contributes to the success of your business. We bring bold business-driven thinking to ensure that your IT investments are delivered against clear criteria.

Our technical consultants help you define your vision, principals and standards that guide your technology selection, operational processes and IT investments. They work with you to understand the business needs and design scalable technical solutions in a full range of technical disciplines.



Skibo works with leading UK suppliers of industry leading hardware and software to ensure quality and excellence of product at very competitive pricing.

Whether it is for infrastructure solutions tailored to specific customer requirements or for items that allow standardisation of commodity devices such as laptops, PC’s and printers etc Skibo can leverage its relationship with its suppliers to deliver exceptional savings on IT expenditure on global brands such as: